Testimonial – ‘The coaches have such a great relationship with these boys’

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THANK YOU so much for the two 3 hour days at the Water Buddies Grassroots coaching programme. We drove up from Mt Maunganui to join the session in Papatoetoe and it was well worth the drive. I had two boys in the sessions one was eight and has played a lot of football. The other was 5 and also plays a lot of football.

It’s great to see your coaching program caters for the younger age now too! Being 5 I didn’t know if Mitchell would last the 3 hours but he absolutely loved it. He is normally quite standoffish with adults at first but we didn’t have this problem as all of the coaches made him feel at ease immediately. Having Ricki’s dad Clive was amazing and it added to making him feel at ease. Mitchell absolutely loved Clive and got on with him so well it was amazing. Mitchell was talking about if for many days after.

There was great variety of different football activities to suit his age and skill level and Mitchell loved the game at the end of the 2nd day; thank you so much. Connor our eight year old has played a lot of football and has already been to a few Ricki Herbert coaching sessions but he also got a lot out of the Water Buddies course and enjoyed the variety of drills and exercises that were provided as well as an obvious love for the coaching styles.

The different drills they did were also a lot of fun for them too; so it was practising soccer skills in a fun way. This kept them interested the whole time. The coaches have such a great relationship with these boys when they are coaching and are great role models for our boys they really look up to them and learn a lot off them. All round a great two days of fun and learning.  They will definitely be keen for more sessions like these.

We will look forward to hearing when the next one is.

– Keryn, Connor and Mitchell O’Brien

February 2014