Testimonial – ‘The course was very well run’

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WE JUST wanted to let you know that Albie had a really great time at the academy this week.  We think he would have gone every day if he could and is looking forward to the next one!

He learnt quite a few new skills and tricks and each night he came home to do his homework and practised what he had learnt.

We thought that the course was very well run with a well thought out structure, combining demonstrations as well as direct participation and a game at the end of each day, which catered for the full range of the children’s ages and abilities.  The lunchtime quizzes were also a big hit with Albie.

The coaches obviously had a passion for football and established a great rapport with the children; Albie talked about them a lot.

We are very pleased that we signed Albie up for it and will definitely be signing up for the next course.

Please pass on a big thank you to the team.

– Jo, Phillip and Albie (New Plymouth)

October 2014