Testimonial – ‘A wonderful experience for my son and me’

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JUST WANTED to say thanks a lot to The Ricki Herbert Football Academy for organising such a great soccer tour to Dallas and Houston. It was great to see the boys had lots of games organised and played with such great teams all around in a short space of time. The high level of soccer displayed and experience for our boys was outstanding. As the tour began and the boys started to know each other better both on and off the field, this led to better teamwork and performance on the field.
Overall I believe the boys enjoyed time with Ricki with his professional coaching career and his input to help them further develop their football career. Kale was always there for the boys needs as the coach and allowed the team to also use their initiatives and allowed the players to try different positions.

Very successful tour, packed with other activities also experienced by all in both Dallas and Houston, organised by Mac and Angie from AM Sports Tours.

Certainly a wonderful experience for both my son and myself.

– Raj and Ryan Singh

May 2014