Ricki Herbert – ‘We never say die’

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Maldives 3 Bangladesh 1

MALDIVES head coach Ricki Herbert spoke to the media after the match and praised the substitutes who came off the bench to score. “If you want to build a team it’s got to be strong. I’m pleased with the three boys who came off the bench” said Herbert. “I encourage the players to attack.”

Speaking about the goalscorer Hassan Naiz, Ricki Herbert was full of praise for the player. “I think he is a wonderful player. He’s been through some pretty tough times with injuries. He’s going to be a huge player for me in the future”

Herbert revealed that he’s got hope for the future of the football team. “Internationally I’m nowhere near where I want these boys to be. We are in a transitional period. There are a number of young boys in MaLdives whom I haven’t brought in”

Talking about his team’s mentality after they scored two last minute goals to come back and win the game, Ricki Herbert said he has a never-say-die attitude. “We never say die, it doesn’t matter what the score is and what it ends up being, we want to be a side that is incredibly competitive until the final whistle”

Herbert also thanked the supporters for coming into the stadium in large numbers and cheering for the island nation. With their second win of the tournament, Maldives are now through to the semi finals with one game to go.

Published by SAFF Suzuki Cup, December 26, 2015.