Ricki Herbert: Two-team South Island tour ‘exceeding all expectations’

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Founder Ricki Herbert says the latest South Island tour by Ricki Herbert Football Academy teams is “exceeding all our expectations”.

The academy has taken two teams to Christchurch, giving young players the chance to experience travelling together and focussing on football in a supportive environment.

“The players are loving it,” said Herbert. “Their attitude on and off the pitch has been excellent and they are learning a lot.”

Herbert said the success of the trip was largely due to the ongoing relationship between the RHFA and its South Island hosts, including Coastal Spirit, the Nomads academy and the Christchurch United academy.

Having started the tour with games against Coastal Spirit, the two academy teams play Nomads teams on Monday (October 3) and then train at the excellent Christchurch United facilities on Tuesday morning, with a recovery session later.

The touring teams are a pre-teen squad and an early-teens squad.