Get yourself a ‘heavy’ jacket and learn to leap

posted in: Coaching tips

WINNING THE ball in the air depends on good heading technique but you’ve got to be able to leap high enough to reach it first.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a goalkeeper or defender trying to cut out a corner, or a striker with a chance to score the winning goal, getting off the ground requires confidence and practice.
Here’s a simple – and fun – thing you can do at training to help.
Find an old jacket with pockets (even better if they can be zipped up). Fill some plastic bags with sand, seal them and then put them in the pockets. Try to balance them so the weight pulls down equally on both sides.
Experiment with the amount of weight you want to carry … but make sure it’s enough to make you work that bit harder when you jump for the ball.
Team up with someone who can send crosses over, and spend a decent amount of time in your “heavy” jacket, timing your leaps the best you can.
When you’ve got the hang of it, and have had a decent workout, remove the jacket and try the same drills again.
Chances are you’ll be leaping like a salmon!
We know of one goalkeeper who used to do his entire last training session before a game with a “heavy” jacket, knowing he would find an extra spring when he played the next day.