Everyone is different

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During a game, most coaches want to influence how their side performs by calling instructions and advice from the sidelines.

Sometimes, this can be counter-productive, especially when the coach is not selective and simply spends the entire game yelling at players. To them, it becomes a barrage and many players simply give up listening.

Letting off steam might make the coach feel better but this approach often frustrates players and rarely leads to improvements by either the team or individual players.

Good coaches think before they call instructions from the sideline. And they understand that all players are different, and need to take on information in different ways.

Some players want to be told what they are doing wrong and will respond to blunt instructions from the coach, quickly taking it on board.

Others can be sensitive and will respond negatively to a coach who does this, treating it as criticism. It might be best to wait for half-time or a stoppage in play when you can get the chance to explain one-to-one to a player and in a way that he or she responds well to.

Remember, your aim is to help players change the way they do something – expecting them to hear, understand and accept your instructions in the heat of a game is going to be a challenge. The best coaches work hard to improve how and when they communicate with players.

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