Day 2 at the Sydney Youth Cup

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U12s warm up for Sydney gameOur academy’s teams won three of their four games on Day 2 of the Sydney Youth Cup.

The academy’s U-10s won both their games with Connor Doran (2), Lucah De Roo (2), Trinity Goodier, Jesper Edwards (2), Beau Christensen, Hunter Bumby and Kalani Mullins (2) getting among the goals, as well as the team benefitting from an own goal.

The U-10s scored 12 goals in their two matches, conceding seven.

Our U-11s won their only game of the day 8-0 with goals scored by Lucca Aylward, Albie Francis-Alles, Tanner Dean. Cody Hawkes, Nathan Murray (2) and Connor Obrien (2).

Our U-12s (pictured above, warming up) lost their game on Day 2, unlucky not to get a draw, but were well supported by players from our other teams.

RHFA U-10 Team

1. Kalani Mullins, 2. Trinity Goodier, 3. Corey Brown, 4. Connor Doran, 5. Jesper Edwards, 6. Lucah De Roo, 7. Dylan Gardiner, 8. Stirling Monk, 9. Zavier Brown, 10. Hunter Bumby, 11. George Green, 12. Beau Christensen, 13. Blake Davis.

RHFA U-11 Team

1. Albie Francis-Alles, 2. Lucca Aylward, 3. Ben Pattinson, 4. Lucas Loveridge, 5. Connor O’Brien, 6. Tyrone Laurent-Stokes, 7. Tanner Dean, 8. Nathan Murray, 9. Ty Christensen, 10. Sam Green, 11. Cody Hawkes, 12. Saurav Chand, 13. Tobias Grigg.

RHFA U-12 Team

1. Ewan McAvoy, 2. Lucy Davis, 3. Eddy Zhou, 4. George Chappell, 5. Kyran Lockwood, 6. Cayden Buitendach, 7. Lachlan Beale, 8. David Floyd, 9. Ashdin Tuuta-De-Theirry, 10. Aiden Doran, 11. Leo Alsabie, 12. Spencer Gower, 13. Alec Mutter, 14. Callum Campbell, 15. Epeli Kilioni.

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