Why practice is so important …

MALCOLM GLADWELL’S book on success, Outliers, puts forward the theory that you need at least 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” to become an expert in anything.

Whether he’s right or not, it’s obvious that those who put in the most work on the football training ground usually get far better results, individually and as a team, than those who turn up with poor preparation.

It’s also important to do the right things when you practice – everything from the warm-up, to how you dress and how the coaches and players work together.

This page is for our academy coaches to share their best tips and ideas so you can incorporate them into your training schedule …

Get yourself a ‘heavy’ jacket and learn to leap

posted in: Coaching tips

Winning the ball in the air depends on good heading technique but you’ve got to be able to leap high enough to reach it first. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a goalkeeper or defender trying to cut out a corner, or a striker with a chance to score the winning goal, getting off the ground requires confidence and practice.

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