Making changes from the sideline

The game is underway and already you know your gameplan is not working. As the team coach, you’re watching from the sideline, feeling a growing sense of frustration.

Everyone is different

During a game, most coaches want to influence how their side performs by calling instructions and advice from the sidelines.

Plan your half-time talk

The coach’s half-time talk can often have a huge impact on the outcome of a game, especially if things need changing around. But many coaches, especially those who are still learning the game with junior sides, end up confusing their players.

A simple way to improve your corners

Given the number of corners your team is likely to defend or take during a game, it’s often surprising to learn that many teams hardly ever practise them at training. Here’s a simple tip to make the most of your session practising corners.

How to gain an edge at half-time

Many teams and players miss a simple opportunity to start the second half of games with an edge over their opponents … by having a brief but important warm-up routine at half-time.

Why fluid management is so important

Most players seem to understand the need to hydrate for games and practice sessions. But as coaches we often see players using the wrong fluids or not understanding how the body makes use of them.

Get yourself a ‘heavy’ jacket and learn to leap

Winning the ball in the air depends on good heading technique but you’ve got to be able to leap high enough to reach it first. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a goalkeeper or defender trying to cut out a corner, or a striker with a chance to score the winning goal, getting off the ground requires confidence and practice.

Ask yourself: ‘Why am I here?’

Too often, players and coaches turn up for training without asking themselves why they are there. It’s important everyone has clear objectives for what they plan to achieve at training sessions.

Using the right ball helps

They say practice makes perfect but your time and effort can go to waste if you don’t put some thought into the type of ball you need to work with.