Boys and girls teams both reach finals of International Tournament

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The Ricki Herbert Football Academy’s two touring teams have completed successful campaigns at Victoria’s AFS International Tournament with both reaching their finals.

The U-11 boys won their age group section at the Shepparton tournament, beating Sydenham Strikers 1-0 in the final with the winner scored by Johnny French.

The U-12 girls finished in second place at the tournament after two wins and a loss on the final day.

Both teams head home knowing they have played well and the travelling coaches said the players had worked hard on and off the field. They also thanked the supporters who had accompanied the teams to Australia and had got behind their efforts.

On the final day of the tournament, the boys reached the final by beating Altona 4-0 in a quarter-final with goals from Luke O’Brien, Jayden Cloete, Tamaho Perry and Ruben Du Plesses.

In the semi-final, RHFA beat Essendon 3-2 with goals from Liam Rogers, Tamaho Perry and Blake Aarsen.

Winning the tournament means the boys completed their tour unbeaten.

The girls beat Bendigo 5-0 on the final day of the tournament, with scorers Manaia Elliott (2), Holly Quin, Lydia Masters and Alexa Harvey finding the net.

Goals from Tyla Tapp, Holly Quin, Ella McMillan and Manaia Elliott helped the girls beat Boxhill 4-0.

In their final game, RHFA lost 2-0 to the Promax Academy.

As the tour ended, the coaches named their Most Valuable Players as Tamaho Perry (boys) and Holly Quin (girls).

Girls Team: Manaia Elliott, Holly Quin, Ella McMillan, Ryle Ayshea May, Hayley Williams, Lydia Robyn Marsters, Ashley Vincent, Alexa Jade Harvey, Rivi Mailing, Trinaka Kenny, Charlotte Ulyatt, Jenna Durran-Wolff, Trinity Goodier, Tyla Tapp.

Boys Team: Ruben Du Plesses, Miles Lawson, Blake Aarsen, Finn Carpenter, Jaden Cloete, Shannon Perham-Hayes, Tamaho Perry, Max Kelk, Luke O’Brien, Lukas Lovelock, Johnny French, Bill Axon, Liam Rogers, Oliver Walsh.

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