Auckland take Clive Herbert Challenge Cup in 11-goal thriller

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The Clive Herbert Challenge Cup is going back to Auckland for the first time after a thrilling match saw the team beat a National ID squad 6-5.

The two teams of Ricki Herbert Football Academy players competed for the prestigious trophy in sunny conditions at St Peter’s, Cambridge.

Auckland’s name now joins past winners Tauranga and Taupo as challenge cup victors.

The match followed an earlier game between younger players also representing Auckland and the National ID players.

Playing entertaining football, the National ID team took the match 4-3.

Both games were well-supported by friends and families of players, as well as neutral spectators who enjoyed the high standard of football on display.

Main photo: The victorious Auckland team.

Challenge Cup

Winners: Auckland 
(players born 2005/2006)

Bill Axon (RHFA Strathallan), Nat Hokai (RHFA Strathallan), Abhinay Kumar (RHFA Papatoetoe), Lucas Lovelock (RHFA North Shore), Dylan Winstanley (RHFA North Shore), Archie Heywood (RHFA North Shore), Shannon Pernham-Hayes (RHFA Papatoetoe), Saurav Chand (RHFA Papatoetoe), Jaden Cloete (RHFA North Shore), Tamaho Perry (captain) (RHFA Papatoetoe), Luke Costello (RHFA North Shore), Bryn Dew (RHFA Papatoetoe), Arniv Naiker (RHFA Papatoetoe), Noah Amerika (RHFA Papatoetoe), Rahim Nabizada (RHFA Strathallan), Johny French (RHFA Strathallan), Louie Short (RHFA Kamo).

Runners-up: National ID Programme squad 
Aaron O’Connor, Oliver Campbell, Nathaniel Green, Evan Van Rooyen, Logan Noack, Nathan Murray, Albie Francis-Alles, Cameron Smith, Tanner Dean, Quinn Steiner, Maui Wano, Conor Lysaght, Connor O’Brien, Conor Jones, Marcell Kiss, William Benes, Spencer Cleland, Sonny Burnett, Cullen Brosnahan.

Curtain-raiser game

Winners: National ID Programme squad 
Hunter Bumby, Dylan Orchard, Joseph Campbell, Lex Morton, Liam West, Rhiley Whitiora, Cruz Crafts, Luke Taylor, Conor Jones, Aaron O’Connor, Conor Lysaght, William Benes, Cameron Smith, Oliver Campbell.

Runners-up: Auckland 
(players born 2006/2007/2008)

Lucas Blackwell (RHFA Strathallan), Alex De Latour (RHFA Strathallan), Ashton Lees (RHFA North Shore), Keeley Osbourne (RHFA Papatoetoe), Kane Winstanley (RHFA North Shore), Oscar Jackson (RHFA Strathallan), Dipesh Mani (RHFA North Shore), Jaidon Vahed (RHFA North Shore), Yusef Nabizada (RHFA Strathallan), Daniel Neilson (RHFA Papatoetoe), Rahim Nabizada (RHFA Strathallan), Johny French (RHFA Strathallan), Louie Short (RHFA Kamo).

Thanks to coaches Kale Herbert, Bradley Rea and Joe Hinds for helping prepare the teams, and to referee Josh Dagnall.

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