Ask yourself: ‘Why am I here?’

posted in: Coaching tips

TOO OFTEN, players and coaches turn up for training and immediately go into their “usual” routine.

But one of the first things they should ask themselves is: “Why am I at this training session?”

It might seem an obvious question but asking it aloud can often lead to interesting results.

Obviously, we would expect coaches to plan their sessions with clear objectives in mind. It’s not good enough to simply turn up and roll out a set of drills and games, without understanding what the coach wants players and the team to achieve from the session. How else does a coach measure the success (or otherwise) of a training session?

Players too need to ask themselves why they are at training. Hopefully, each will have something specific for each session, whether it’s related to individual needs (fitness, technique, developing a specific skill) or being part of the team (learning or practising how the team wants or needs to play).

Don’t be shy about asking each other: “Why are you here?”

It will lead to better training sessions!