Academy remembers a special friend and teammate, Aimee Lindsay

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Staff and players at the Ricki Herbert Football Academy are again remembering their friend and teammate, Aimee Lindsay, two years after losing her.

On November 18, 2019, Aimee (13) collapsed after athletics training and could not be revived.

She was a promising player with the Ricki Herbert Football Academy and had been a member of the U-13 team to travel to Australia to play in the AFS Shepparton tournament, and part of a Kamo Intermediate School team that came third the Aims tournament in Tauranga.

“Aimee was special – a lovely girl – and this time of year reminds us of her, and her family,” academy founder Ricki Herbert said.

A year ago, the first anniversary of losing Aimee was marked by the unveiling of a plaque at Kamo Intermediate School.

Ricki Herbert said Aimee had made a big impression on others with her personality and enthusiasm for football and memories of her would continue to inspire players who knew her.

“She’ll always be in our hearts,” he said.