What our academy aims to achieve

The purpose of our academy is to provide affordable, high value Football Coaching to all kids (at all skill levels) aged from 4 to 17.

As these players progress we will continue to provide a coaching platform for all kids keen on their football and from 10-14 we will also start to identify those we believe can progress to the highest levels and facilitate a pathway that best suits their ability and goals.

At 15 years and on we have a major focus on providing these players with opportunitiies to really showcase their talent and advance their football careers.

The Ricki Herbert Football Academy exists to provide high quality football coaching to all levels of skill and experience. Our courses are catorgorised into the following courses:

1. Grassroots Courses – Target ages 4-7
(These courses enable all children the opportunity to take part in this introduction to football training).

2. Youth Football Courses – Target ages 8-15
(For those Footballers who are serious about developing their Footballing skills)

3. Elite Football Courses – Target ages 7-15
(Selection of players who meet the appropriate levels required in each of the specified age groups)

4. Term Courses – Target ages 8-15
(Term courses are held with support from partner Clubs & Schools around the country)

5. Goal Keeper Courses – Target ages 8-15
(Designed specifically to train and mentor Goal Keepers with the potential to work with our elite teams)

6) Football Development Courses – Target ages 14 – 17
(This course will allow for a technical and tactical perspective of football and assist in players understanding of their next challenges in the Football world)

RHFA Introductory Video

Mission Statement

The Ricki Herbert Football Academy is committed to the advancement of football in New Zealand.

We do this by helping children of all skill levels to reach their maximum potential in an enjoyable but structured environment where peak performance is inevitable.

The RHF Academy’s elite team of professional coaches willingly provide guidance, mentorship, exposure and travel to international tournaments for those children who dream of making football their life while remaining focused on the core values of excellence, professionalism, dedication and fun.

At a time where schools, clubs and even federations can only offer so much to so many players, the Ricki Herbert Football Academy is here to offer that other opportunity. This is the opportunity of extra football training, International tours and an overall enjoyment of the game. Be it after school, holiday or weekend training, the Ricki Herbert Football Academy is here to keep young and keen footballers interested in the game … an opportunity!

Around New Zealand

The Ricki Herbert Football Academy has grown quickly since its foundation in 2014.

The academy runs Talent Development Centres throughout the upper North Island.

Head coach Kale Herbert says the academy is now getting the benefits of scale, as the combined regional and national numbers make it possible to send tour groups overseas as well as hosting national training camps.

“We’re always looking to our next talent centre, and we certainly plan to set one up in the South Island,” he says.

The RHFA invites parties who are interested in helping establish a talent centre in their area to contact us.