A simple way to improve your corners

posted in: Coaching tips

Given the number of corners your team is likely to defend or take during a game, it’s often surprising to learn that many teams hardly ever practise them at training.

Most coaches will spell out how they want their players to set up for corners but nothing beats spending time pumping over a succession of corners for players (especially the goalkeeper!) to familiarise themselves with the plays.

But here’s a mistake many teams make when they do practise taking corners.

Their training pitch often has very different dimensions to the field on which they will take their corners in match conditions.

The rules of football say the width of a pitch must be between 45m and 90m. That’s one heck of a variation. When you allow for the 7.3m of the goalposts, it means the distance from corner flag to near post can be as little as 18.8m – or as far as 41m.

Measure out the distance on your home pitch and make sure you copy it onto your training area, planting a corner flag the “right” distance from the near post.